WOBB launched new exciting products

WOBB has launched these new exciting products in 2019 and these include:
(i) Job slots based on subscription model;
(ii) Hiredly AI Dashboard based on success basis model; and
(iii) Offwerk, a new career mentoring platform that is launched in August

In Year 2019, its number of jobseeker and employers have grown 200% and 43% respectively compared to 2018. WOBB has raked in one million job application in 2019, completely eclipsed the previous three years in total (800,000 job application), and this continues to trend upwards significantly.

WOBB has achieved higher efficiencies and revenues in 2019, with smaller sale team it has recorded 11% growth revenues and 39% growth in gross profits respectively, compared with
the previous year.

PEG has made an acquisition stake in the company in July 2019 after assessing the strong growth prospect of the company. The company’s funding round was worth USD 1,300,000 and was participated by investors from Japan.

WOBB is a job listing platform, focusing on attracting professional Gen Y talents. In order to achieve this, WOBB focuses in assisting the top 20% of employer to promote their work culture and find a best fit for both employer and employees.

To date, WOBB managed to capture more than 300,000 Gen Y Job seekers and plan to dominate the entire Professional gen Y Market by end of 2020.

In addition to their current model, WOBB had also started a subsidiary brand called Hiredly which focuses on headhunting. Note that the headhunting scene for junior position is extremely underserved as it presents a low margin due to high time requirement.

However, with WOBB’s database of job seekers and a proprietary screening and matching algorithm, WOBB is planning to reduce the time taken to fill a position by 67%, making Hiredly a viable business plan moving forward.

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