Quinton Group Lands In Australia

QUINTON Capital Sdn Bhd (QCSB), a new investment arm of Quinton Group Sdn Bhd (Quinton Group) has successfully purchased 7.3 million shares of Actcelerate International Group Ltd (ACT).

A listed company in the National Stock Exchange of Australia, ACT is a diversified investment company that focuses on four major sectors: information and communications technology, new age retail, fintech and green tech in Asia Pacific.

The move – which complements the group’s vision of inspiring people to create value through its seamless digital ecosystem – will see the exploration of potential collaborations between the two entities.

An award-winning digital platform, Quinton Group provides consumer services by connecting consumers and collaborative partners to create a cohesive digital economy ecosystem.

Currently, its pioneering business consists of three popular e-commerce and consumer services in Malaysia, which are e-rewarding system Quin Reward, food delivery service Quick Sent and e-marketplace Quin Pavilion.

This approach, called the Quinton Ecosystem, comprises various businesses that converge to form and sustain an entire ecosystem.

“The Quinton Ecosystem is where all our brands and ventures work together to breathe life into creating a holistic organisation.

“ACT, having the right business nature in retail and consumer technology, was a good complement to what the group has been doing.

“We foresee that with this accession, Quinton Group can be brought to further heights,” said group chief executive officer Datuk Alvin Ooi.

Value creation via the Quinton Ecosystem: The group’s vision, as spearheaded by its board of directors, is to inspire people to create value through the company’s seamless ecosystem on the internet.

As a fast-growing company with big ideas, the group’s proactive stance towards potential collaborations with synergistic businesses is evidenced by QCSB’s establishment.

QCSB has the vision of becoming a global market investor with prominent experience in the trade market, in compliance with the local legislation, rules and guidelines.

As the group’s new investment venture, its main purpose is to penetrate and help the group establish a presence on the global market, starting with Australia.

Its group managing director Datuk Dr Kenny Tan added, “The reason behind us approaching the Australian market is to build an international reputation and image for Quinton Group, which we believe will potentially set us in motion towards becoming globally acquainted.”

By leveraging its expertise in the digital business ecosystem, this potential collaboration between Quinton Group and ACT will provide exciting growth opportunities in various industries.

Bright plans for the future: In the pipeline for Quinton Group are business ventures into the industries of real estate development and multimedia education.

Moreover, QCSB will also be spearheading future public listing plans.

Its director Kevin Tan shared, “We have plans to go public on the Malaysian stock exchange in the future, which will aid the group in raising its capital for a variety of purposes, amongst others, the group’s development and expansion, corporate marketing and branding, retainment of talents and the group’s publicity, as well as liquidity.”

Quinton Group’s bright plans for the future encompass business ventures into the industries of real estate development and multimedia education.

Quin Land, the latest real estate development venture by Quinton Group, will be kicking off with a solid plan to elevate the lifestyle of Malaysians in the suburbs, while Quinton Academy will be the very first higher education institution that offers engaging classes in a cinema theater to furnish students and talents with real hands-on experiences.

Source: The Star Online