“We are committed to fostering innovative ideas, promoting healthy economies and enabling social progress across the globe right now and for generations to come.”




“It’s a simple question: did we make a meaningful, measurable difference in the lives of the people we serve? That is our barometer of success.”

PE Group Foundation

Founded in 2007, the PE Group Charitable Foundation creates programs that enhance entrepreneurial and humanitarian causes. By empowering our resources and capital at PE Group, we aim to help entrepreneurs and the poor and to create an environment where they can flourish and support the communities in which we live and work on this planet. .

Our Initiative

In 2014, the Foundation announced its Global Humanitarian Initiative, a global commitment to advance entrepreneurship and global causes. Through our charitable programs, we aim to help the needed, strengthen inclusive and equitable humanitarian ecosystems that are both locally customized and globally connected. Our goal is to recognize that we have the obligation to help others who need our help and to offer them solutions that will enable them to develop and help others in return in the future.

Supporting Diversity

At PE Group, we have a proud tradition of serving the poor in our communities. Through our grants and entrepreneurial programs, the Foundation supports non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the lives and livelihoods of our fellow global citizens. We continue to believe that our charitable initiatives are critical to what our company stands for for the society and the planet that we live in.


Latest Initiatives in 2020 by Sherwin Chew Foundation

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