We acquire interests in companies across asset classes, offering liquidity to clients, and co-invest alongside other industry players globally.

Trusted Partners

We look for buyers and sellers that are viewed as trustworthy and well-respected counterparty that is able to transact on a fair, timely and confidential basis. We believe our reputation and ability to execute and manage projects our powerful competitive advantages.

Diversified Projects

We look to develop partnerships with many assets providers and deliver the best investment projects available to our clients We clearly define the objectives for each investment and pursue it only if it makes sense for everyone involved together with acceptable risk and returns.

Due Diligence

Detailed, bottom-up analysis is mission-critical to our success. As an active participant in sourcing for good investments, we are able to utilize our extensive global network and deep industry knowledge to conduct thorough due diligence on each opportunity.entrepreneurial approach.

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Our Strategies

We look for investments that promise above-average real adjusted returns to compensate for the many risks our committed capital is subject to in the private market. We are looking for sweet spot investments where the returns overhelmed the risks through our careful analysis and our due diligence process. We then create value by providing resources to firms, being responsible owners and actively supporting management to improve the company outlook.

We assess both yield and capital returns of assessible real estate projects both in the primary and secondary market. We look for real estate that either provide good yield and are safe for investment in prime areas in the long run. Occassionally, we will look at distressed assets are are conducive for restructuring gains in the right cycle of the economy. Liquidation risk is important for us to assess the cash flow of our investment ‘ in real estate.

We target Investments in early stage activities targeting young companies often with a tech component and high potential for growth. We target startups before their true revenue potential has been validated. We are looking for above average returns after taking account of the risk we face in the investment. The returns should be very high to justify the higher risks involved in these type of start-up companies. Ocassionally, we will also invest in mid-cycle life companies but with very high growth potential through carefully structured investment products.

We together with our partners provide trading, education and business advisory services across many asset classes. We aim to provide top-notch consultancy for clients and investors looking for the best assets to target for purchases/sales and merger and acquisition purposes. In this aspect, we look at both the market fundamentals and liquidity across different cycles and time frames to reap the best entry and exit positions. Whether it is an up or down cycle, we aim to identify assets that will provide the greatest profit potential for our clients and shareholders.

We’re proud of our reputations as innovative, nimble and responsive investors who enable our partners to find liquidity in traditionally illiquid asset classes.”

Steven Liew
PE Group Head of Strategy

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