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March 1 2020

PE Group has revamped its newsletter to its shareholders and investors in an effort to serve them better and to educate and inform them of the news events and developments at the company and its portfolio as well as to create awareness of the events around the world that will shape and affect the industry that … Read More

November 16 2019

PE Group has successfully celebrated its 5th Golden Year Anniversary Celebration and the launching of its Tomorrowland Gallery on 16 November 2019. In order to help Malaysia realising its Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, RM1 million has been allocated for the PEG Career Start-up Fund to encourage and motivate….Read More 

July 18 2018

Actcelerate International Group (AI Group) expects its recent listing on the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) to open up a range of investment opportunities.The Kuala Lumpur-based company, which also has a presence in Australia and China, had previously lodged a prospectus to raise up to A$2.25mil (RM6.74mil). AIG is the sister company of PEG and….Read More

July 15 2017

Touted as one of the inspiring and visionary new generation of young corporate leaders, Potential Excelerate Group Ltd (PE Group) Founder and Managing Director Dato’ Sri Dr Sherwin Chew Chen Yee has earned recognition for his new model of business expansion and entrepreneurial skills. In his pursuit of excellence, Dr Sherwin’s persistency and passion stood out and he ……Read More

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