Continually Innovating

Technology is most impactful when it serves a direct purpose for our people and our clients. We deliver streamlined workflows, accurate and reliable data, and greater access to information – all in the time and format that our clients need.

Investing in Technology

At some financial firms, technology is an afterthought. At PEGH, technology is competitive advantage. We thrive on using advanced technology across the firm. We believe investment in technology and innovation in an investment in our future and our competitive strengths.

Focusing on the Challenge

Our laser-like focus on problem solving and our creative, entrepreneurial approach allow PEGH and its people to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We thrive on managing key problem areas and solving them for our clients even before they anticipate the results.

How We Do It Everyday

We provide our clients access to some of the best talents, analysis and software that we use in the business to serve their diverse needs.

Our Roles

We are forward-thinking problem solvers who can take projects from idea to implementation. Our open, iterative design process and rapid pace of development mean that everyone on the team can make a significant impact from day one.

Our Program

One of our primary missions is to recruit and retain talented individuals, and in doing so, create a strong, diverse and inclusive community. We work with financial advisors and family officers to provide private market investing in their portfolio.

Our Process

They develop innovative technologies that are already changing the alternative asset management industry from the ground up. They work hand-in-hand with other engineers and business analysts to design, build, deploy and support the core of PEGH innovation’s suite of applications.