The PE Group Experience

Challenging You to Achieve Beyond

Work at PE Group and you’ll be pushed to achieve more than you ever thought possible. We are known for taking on the most complex challenges, and for growing our own success stories. You will thrive— if you have the will to learn, the courage to excel and the strength to raise your capability, we will teach you to raise the bar.

Making You One of Us

Even after so many years. PE Group still feels like a small firm. Our people love to connect. In October, we transform our Kuala Lumpur HQ and office for our legendary Investors event; in other months, we look forward to help the needy and the enviroment via our donations and joining their events. Because we believe in volunteerism, you’ll be invited and encouraged to join in our philanthropic partnerships. We have a list of strategic charitable partners domestically and around the world. While we are a business, we do focus on helping the the communities where we live and work and in humanitarian gesture to those in need.

Expecting You to Share and Work in A Team

At PE Group, we rely on each other to succeed—and wherever you sit at the firm, that means you. We are a fully integrated business, so we talk to each other. When you share information and ideas at PE Group, you help us find the uncommon opportunities we’re known for.

Growing With Our Global Perspective

You’ll find that we partner across regions, as well as businesses, and we all share a global perspective. From any PE Group office, you are connected to our clients and stakeholders all across the globe. PE Group is a relatively small organization but we pride ourselves in providing unique oportunities to our investors, thanks to our people around the world.

You Are Free To Contribute

From Day One at PE Group, you’re invited to join in and bring your own point of view to discussions. We have a flat organization where the best of our discussion inspires us to find value for our clients and stakeholders. In fact, we value your contribution and look forward to inputs from you everyday.

Explore Career Opportunities

PE Group offers talented people like you a variety of career opportunities in our different businesses and regions. You can search all our current openings by position, type of business, or location. We look forward to talk to you.

Meet PE Group

Our PE Group people tell you in their own words what it’s like to work here, and what it takes for you to succeed.

Albert Ting
Corporate Finance

First of all, I am so grateful that PE Group given me a chance to do some sharing here. PE Group believe in teamwork and moving together towards a common vision. Even though I am just started to join PE Group big family since Nov 2019, I knew that everyone here always gets an opportunity for growth, be it individualistic of professional.

Here they also let me to learn to be a good leader in building my own team. Once again, I feel glad to work in such a challenging and positive work environment. I will continue to contribute my effort to make the company achieved its goals.

Adrian Cheng

“I joined PE Group in 2015. During that period, the team was still growing and young, aggressively pushing limits to move forward to become what we are intending to achieve, to become a leading conglomerate company. Because of this, I joined the company at this early stage. Although I must learn things from scratch, it gave me lessons to how entrepreneur set goals and overachieving targets, charisma of an entrepreneurship, analyze deeply to balance the company’s risk and opportunity to explore every new industry in the market from top entrepreneurs.

Besides these opportunities, the team is also family. We always make ourselves more than just co-workers, and being family, things may be rough, but intention was to give better clarity and understanding, so that we want the company to become the mission we set forth ourselves always.
I like being here and don’t underestimate the young. We are the ones who are replacing the last generation in this economy market. Therefore, my goal is to become leader for this company to become the next big corporate entity that sets new trend of the generation.”

Jayden Sho
Business Analyst

I had learnt 3 things since a joined PE Group, the first one being passion, and then mission and profession. I am looking forward to learn more things besides, so that can I can contribute in my work and to to achieve my own personal goals to support. I was surprised that I have been invited to do sharing here. I had joined PE Group in Nov 2019, even though I just joined PE Group for around 4 months, I had learned a lot and able to meet incredible people. I had learnt 3 things since a joined PE Group,
First, Passion – Always be meaningful in every working day and keep excited for your next working day as we work 90,000 hours work over a lifetime. Second, Mission- being able to identify our life goal from time to time even in the work! Third, Profession- specialized on certain knowledge& experience that able to help others to grow.

Of course, I am looking forward to learn more things besides, so that can contribute in my work and to achieve company’s goal and mission.

Ying Ting
Director's Office

I have been in the firm for some time and appreciate the teamwork and culture of entrepreneurship that exists in the firm. It has certainty shapes my own personal thinking in life on how to succeed invidually as a person. 

Even though we are still growing as a firm, I am proud to see the leadership provided by our firm leaders and I enjoy working with our clients and stakeholders. Everyday, we have a different set of challenges and objectives in PE Group but one thing I am certain is that we work as a big family in the firm and are all united to deliver our best to make the work a better place to work in.

About The PE Group

Established in 2012, PE Group’s vision is to become a leading investment holding conglomerate company in Asia Pacific. Through that vision, PE Group is eager to grow its In tandem with its tagline, “Steps Towards Sustainability” PE Group believes in guiding its partners and investee companies towards sustainable growth creation. PE Group offers investment consultancy, finance and business strategy, network resources, merger and acquisition, reach out expertise, co-investing collaborations and fundraising channels for companies that will create and reach out to other regions. footprint through its innovative business

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